Air Filter Replacement

Let Your Car Breathe with an Air Filter Replacement Today

Chances are, your engine air filter isn't a part you think about very often, if at all. But in reality, the air filter plays a critical role in the health and performance of your engine. Like many parts, it needs to be changed from time to time to maximize its effectiveness.

At Larry H. Miller Nissan 104th, our team of expert Nissan techs is waiting with a catalog of genuine Nissan air filters. We can replace that dirty filter and revitalize the performance you once knew.

The Cons of Ignoring a Dirty Air Filter

There are three major issues you'll run into if you decide to ignore your engine air filter for too long.

First, your engine will be noticeably down on power. That's because your air filter is too clogged to allow enough air to pass through. This chokes the fuel/air mixture that your engine needs to run at its best, resulting in reduced throttle response and a sluggish engine feel.

Second, because the fuel/air mixture is disrupted, you'll pollute your spark plugs. This can cause a number of problems. Whether it's a misfire, rough idle, or difficulty starting, this issue can affect performance across the board and put quite a damper on your drive.

Finally, a clogged air filter will rob you of fuel economy. Because the fuel and air mixture isn't optimized, you'll be wasting fuel rather than burning it.

Change Your Air Filter Today!

A dirty engine air filter is one of the only ways an engine can make less power and get worse fuel economy at the same time. In addition, the damage caused by polluting the spark plugs and contaminating the combustion chamber can, in extreme cases, cause permanent performance loss that will take a costly repair to overcome. If your Nissan hasn't had its engine air filter changed in a while, schedule your appointment at our Denver service center and get it checked out!


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