Coolant Service

Coolant Service Helps Your Engine Run at the Proper Temperature

It's a fact - car engines run hot. With many combustions occurring every second and hundreds of moving metal parts working in close proximity, it's no wonder temperatures tend to run up in gas and diesel engines. But with properly maintained coolant systems, these engines can reign in excess heat and prevent damage from occurring.

Coolant systems use a special fluid that runs through the engine in lines and hoses, absorbing heat along the way and dispersing it out through the radiator. It's a crucially important system to the longevity of any vehicle. Maintaining the coolant system is a part of any car's routine service schedule.

Coolant Flush and Refill

Coolant fluid can break down and lose its ability to absorb heat over time. As this happens, your engine will run hotter and hotter. That's why it's important to routinely have the system flushed and drained so that new coolant can be added. You can check your owner's manual to verify your specific vehicle's recommend coolant flush interval.

Coolant Level Check

It's a good idea to routinely check coolant levels as well. If all is functioning properly, you should see steady coolant levels. But if you see coolant levels drop, then your system may have some small leaks. Your technician can further investigate to see where any potential leaks might be and provide the necessary repairs.

Schedule Your Coolant Service with Larry H. Miller Nissan 104th

If you have questions about coolant service or would like to schedule a service center appointment, reach out to us here at Larry H. Miller Nissan 104th. We can give you in-depth information about the importance and benefits of proper coolant maintenance.


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